What is it this "The Hex Factor" you speak about?
The Hex Factor is a security game developed by some enthusiastic security professionals who want to help others develop by challenging their skills.

Interesting.  But I already know everything about reverse engineering.
Nice, your first step towards world domination.  However, The Hex Factor consists of several fields of interest.  The Hex Factor contains challenges on reverse engineering, penetration testing, quizzes, hardware challenges and much more.

Euhm, I'm not really the penetration testing expert ...
Don't worry.  We want to make The Hex Factor available n00b to Mega Lord alike.  Therefore, the game consists of different levels.  All categories have levels ranging from 100 (easy), 200 (hard) to 300 (very hard).  The Hex Factor encourages team work since it requires a wide variety of deep skills to solve all challenges.

Alright!  Where can I sign up?
Keep an eye on our blog or twitter.  The Hex Factor runs at security conferences all over the world.  If you would like us to come to a location near you, get us in contact with your local security conference and perhaps YOU will be able to play The Hex Factor.

Wow, you guys must earn lots of money with that!
One day we will dominate the world, but for now The Hex Factor consists of volunteers only.  This means we do not earn any money with it and financially we totally rely on our sponsors.