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The basic quiz for your everyday geek.

A more advanced quiz for the not so everyday geek.


The first hacking challenge was a old classic snake game.  The challenge consisted of getting into the top 10 with high scores.

In the second challenge a workstation of a user browsing some public websites had to be attacked in order to gain administrative privileges.

The most challenging of the pentesting challenges.  Perhaps this edition the Royal Bank of Ireland's website proved to be more secure?

Your pc is infected with a botnet client.  By reversing the client, can you gain control over the botnet?
Solution: n/a
"You and your team are close to hacking a very complicated CBC encryption algorithm. The missing piece of the puzzle is finding a key which has a special property: a key which only has groups of 2 identical characters..."
Advanced reverse engineering kung fu.  However, solution will not be disclosed this year ;-)

Be sure to turn on your speakers for this one!
You find a locked bag that contains a laptop which is locked.  Using your lockpicking skills you will get access to the bag, however will you be able to gain access to the laptop?
Solution: n/a
You download a video regarding BruCON 2009.  Can you find the hidden message?
Solution: n/a