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Our challenges are built around the topics below:

●    History and Culture (category named Once Upon a Time)
●    Penetration testing (category named Pwned)
●    Reverse Engineering (category named Binary Foo)
●    Something special (category named Out of the Box)

We do not want the Megatrons to feel The Hex Factor is too easy, or n00bs too feel it is to difficult.  Therefore, in each category we created challenges of a different difficulty level:

●    Level 100 are most of the time multiple choice questions or easy challenges, solvable even if you have very little knowledge of the subject.
●    Level 200 are challenges that will test your experience and practical knowledge of the subject
●    Level 300 remains reserved for the best among us.

For each level completed successfully, you receive points. The purpose is to gather as many points as possible and become number 1 in the ranking.